Tonie Swain is a teenager from Alpharetta, Georgia. Throughout her lifetime she has always worked and been interested in the Performing Arts. She is an actor, singer and dancer. Tonie’s music ability was recognized by Music Producer, Izzy Gold in his New York Studio. Izzy worked with Tonie to produce and develop her first album, titled Rock, Pop and Roll. The album was a labor of love for Tonie.

Check out Tonie’s website here: and her music video here:

Some pics of Tonie from her recent shoot with us:





1)  Q:How did you start in modeling and what type of work have you done in print?  Did you have good experiences with print work?
A: I started modeling at about 6. I was in a shopping mall and a talent scout asked me to join a modeling competition. Out of 600 contestants I won! I’ve done work for Macy’s, Belks, Getty, and international print. I love print work! I’ve had a great experience do far!
2) Q: What kind of video work have you done, and how was it different working on that compared to print jobs? A: I’ve been acting since a very young age. From theater to on film. Video work is much more involved when it comes to emotions. You’re not just a face. You’re emotions come out in your voice and body language.
3) Q: When did you decide you wanted to do music and be a performer? Where did you want to take it and why? A: I’ve known what I wanted since I was little. I was born to be in the entertainment industry. I’ve been singing since I could talk. Performing is my life. You get such a rush when you’re on stage, it’s a different world. My goal is to be on top of the music industry. I want to write, produce, and perform.
4) Q: How involved are you – songwriting, producing, singing etc- what instruments to you play? A: I try to stay as involved as possible. I would never want my music to represent anything but myself. When I listen to my favorite song and I can completely relate, I want to be there for someone else. I play piano and guitar and sing.
5) Q: How would you describe your musical interests/ influences/sound? A:I’ve been interested in the rise and fall of the classic blonde pop star. Im a big Britney spears and lady gaga fan! I’m currently working on a second album and it much more mature. It has a rock and blues sound.
6) Q: Tell us what it is like to work in NYC in a professional recording studio, with a professional producer- A: Best experience of my life by far. New York City is such an inspiring place and it’s so easy to write. The studio looked right over the Hudson and it was beautiful. I worked with producer Izzy Gold and he was an amazing mentor! He was very involved and truly helped me learn the ropes to the music industry.
7) Q: What advice would you give a young person that would like to consider making an album of music? A: Be yourself and don’t let anyone bully you into a sound or image that isn’t you.
8 ) Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? A: Graduating college with a Grammy!
9) Q: What do you like to do when you’re not modeling, acting or doing music?  What makes you happiest? A: I love dancing and kick boxing! I go to the gym with my girlfriends all the time. I’m also really into fashion, I go shopping way too often!

May 2011- I worked with Joey Choy for a beauty fashion shoot on location in London England. I asked her a few questions about working in London-

1) Tellme about being a student in London, and why you dedided to do hair/make up.

I have decided to do makeup because I love art and human beings~

2) Talk to me about how you broke into the business

I don’t think I have already broken into the business but I think what we can do is keep building up the portfolio as well as the network in the industry.

3) Talk to me about what you are doing now, what kind of works and what kind of clients-How do you find work?

I do mostly fashion makeup for editorial, fashion shows, lookbook, campaign and sometimes for music video and wedding. And I assist other makeup artists a lot in order to continue my learning.

4) WHere do you want to go with your hair and make up? What other interests do you have?

Have loads of other interest like photography, music, art, fashion, theatre, movie, psychology… May be that’s why I’m in makeup because we are always involved in different interesting projects in these areas~

5) Who/ what are your inspirations?

My interests are my inspirations..things around me…things that i can see / feel….my feelings / dark side of me do give me inspirations as well.

6) What is the London market like? What do you like about it, what do you dislike?

London is all abt fashion and art~ and that’s why I m here~ but the world is always competitive~

7) What recommendations/advice do you have for a model wanting to work in London?

I think they shd get an agency here

8)  WHat product line do you like using- how would you describe your style of doing make up/ hair?

I wont juz use a particular product line. I use various brands as different brands do hv their own strong products for different usage / texture.
Still developing my own style… sometimes I m a perfectionist .. Sometimes I do like to create spontaneously…

9) Tell me about your least favorite assignment you’ve had so far, and hwy you didn’t enjoy it.

None.. I enjoy every bits of my work~ Love my job love my life~

Sam started out as model in London and moved into hair and makeup and photography.  She s one of my favorite artists to work with, very talented and delightful.  She’s with IA., She works a lot with Shane, whom I ‘m getting to know from working together on jobs with Sam.  He’s a very talented and fresh makeup and hair artist that I know is going to do big things. He’s currently represented by Wallflower.

Q& A with Shane and Sam

What type of advice would you give new models for the Dallas market?

Sam: Keep it natural.  If your going to take pictures look up the photographer and learn his/her work and reputation.  Keep a shoot simple and pretty, like for a  commercial and lifestyle market.  In general this will serve you better than a heavily produced art fashion shoot.  It’s hard to go it alone, you’ll probably make a few mistakes along the way.  An experienced, working photographer or a new faces agent can give you solid advice that relates to the market you’re in.

Shane:  I’d say to make the rounds and try and test with many different photographers so that you can show versatility.  Don’t get stuck with just one different photographer and don’t go to just one agency.

They like lots of personality here.  They like the girls to talk and interact with people.  It takes time, for example top model Laura Stone took 10 years before she started working regularly, so don’t get frustrated!

Shane, I know you are with the Wallflower Agency.  What other agencies are good for models?

Your top ones are going to be Kim Dawson, Nancy Campbell, of course Wallflower, Klutz agency and Paige Parks.  Those are the big ones.

What type of work can models expect to see in the Dallas market?

Sam:  Advertising , Verizon for example with the Dallas Cowboys- Nike, Tiger Woods, or catalog like JC Penney and Neiman Marcus.  All kinds of different work, across the board.

Shane:  I do more editorial right now with D magazine and FD Luxe.  I enjoy editorial the most, but the pay rate isn’t very good.  I like the art.  I’m going to New York next month on follow up go-sees with reps.  You can do more there editorially than in Dallas.

I know you guys deal with a lot of different skin types.  What type is the most problematic?

Shane: Stay away from Retin A!  Drys your skin up too much.  Dry skin in general is a problem.

Sam: You can’t cover it.

What are some good habits to help new models with skin ?

Sam: Get into a good skin care regimen it doesn’t have to be expensive.  Stay away from the abrasive products, keep it soft and gentle, simple. A good cleaner every morning and evening -maybe a nice Aveda brand.  A toner once a day is a good idea- Body Shop is good, and it’s reasonable.   Another good way to cleanse he skin is a nice glass of warm water before bed, with some fresh lemon.  It cleans the system as well.  As far as hair goes, if you are struggling with dry hair, try leaving in some conditioner overnight , and for a deep conditioning try a shower cap as well ( I wouldn’t do it the evening before a shoot though).

Advice for models on how to show up for a shoot and/or to see a new photographer?

Shane: Don’t show up to a shoot with eyelash extensions or hair extensions.  I hate lash extensions.  Don’t get fussy.  Don’t wear a bunch of jewelry.

Sam: Ya minimal and fresh is best.  Shane: They want to see you. Show up with a clean palette! Very natural, show up with hair pulled back, tiny bit of mascara and clear lip gloss- that’s it.  People like to see what they can make you become and if you do that yourself then you are presenting your translation – and it may be quite different from theirs.

stephaniedawnbeauty website

Q) What should models do with their skin prior to a photo shoot?

A) Before a photoshoot, models should make sure her/his face is

thoroughly cleaned, toned and moisturized.  Although it may be a bit

uncomfortable, do not apply any makeup, concealer, mascara or bronzers

before arriving to the shoot. This wastes time for the MUA to remove.

The best alternative is to invest in stylish oversized sunglasses.

Q) Should a model wear makeup to a shoot? Should a model bring some of their own makeup?

A) If you’re working with a PROFESSIONAL MUA then you shouldn’t have to

bring anything except your adorable face. The MUA should have all

foundations to match ALL skintones.  I do, however, advise models to

bring their own mascara and neutral lipgloss because some MUAs are not

germaphobes and do not invest in disposable mascara wands and

lipbrushes which is a sure way to spread infections (YUCK!). If a

model sees a MUA attempting to use mascara and lipglosses out of the

tube directly onto their eyes and mouths, the SPEAK UP immediately and

tell the MUA that you want to use your own lipgloss and mascara.

Q) What kind of daily routines should a model consider to keep their skin looking it’s best?

A) Models should perform daily maintenance rituals to ensure their

face is camera ready at all times. Cleansing, exfoliating, toning and

moisturizing day and night will keep your pores in tip top shape.

Q) Are their certain foods or drinks that a model should avoid in order to help keep their skin healthy and young looking?

A) Models should listen to their bodies and avoid any foods that cause

breakouts. Since everyone is different, it’s hard to pinpoint what

foods to avoid, but for all models, cutting down on fast foods, fried

foods and sodas is always a great idea.

Q) Are their any activities or other things that a model should avoid for optimum skin?

A) Models should steer clear of eyebrow waxing and microdermabrasion

right before a shoot. Eyebrow waxing takes off a layer of skin and it

makes foundation impossible to adhere. Microdermabrasion is quite a

process and could cause redness and irritation.

Q) What should a model do if they have a breakout (pimple) the night before a shoot?

A) If a model has a breakout right before a shoot, DON’T PICK AT IT!

Leave it alone. If it’s red and irritated put a drop of Visine to get

the red out. Put a spoon in the freezer for a couple of minutes and

put it directly on the zit for a few seconds. It will soothe the

pimple and decrease swelling. The night before, apply a dab of

toothpaste to the blemish to dry it out.

Q) What are some of your pet peeves with new models and make up?

A) My pet peeves with models and makeup is the thinking that “I can do

my own makeup for a shoot” or “since I can do my own makeup, I’ll call

myself a model/makeup artist”. A true MUA has the love for makeup, but

also has a bigger love for educating themselves on how to apply makeup

under unusual conditions such as outdoors, extreme heat, dim lighting

conditions, color theory, color mixing..etc.  A Professional MUA has

the skill and the tools to give the model flawless coverage and

various eyeshadow looks that go beyond the smokey eye.

Q) I’ve been told that retouching can fix anything and that makeup isn’t that important- is that true?

A) “Don’t worry about it, we can fix Photoshop” should be an INSULT to

any MUA.  My goal is to perfect my application so that there is no

need to photoshop. I am realistic so I do know that all images have to

undergo post-production, but to recreate a makeup job with photoshop

is ridiculous in my opinion. There are many MUAs that are getting

hired based on their overly photoshoped images and can’t produce the

looks on set. Nowadays, the art of photography is being overshadowed

by the need to be a graphic artist.

Q) What questions might a make up artist ask a model prior to a shoot?

A) Prior to the shoot, the MUA should ask if the model is allergic to

certain beauty products or makeup.

Photos: Thomas Fahey Hair/M-u. Mara

Getting Started as a New Model

New Face – Madeleine, Atlanta

Hi I’m Madeleine and I’m a new Model in the Atlanta Market. Recently, I got engaged to my wonderful fiance Glenn, who has been modeling and acting for about 12 years now (Click, Elite, Ford,…). As his accessory/sidekick, he’s dragged me to a few of his castings.  Along the way, I was told I should be modeling as well.

We started out by visiting his agents in Atlanta, Click (print) and Real People (commercial). Thanks to Glenn’s referral, I got an appointment and didn’t have to go through the open call process. Both agents liked me a lot and suggested a few photographers to test with. I recommend going to see some agencies before you test. You want to make sure you “have what it takes” before you make the investment in pictures. This is also the best way to find a photographer as they only recommend professionals known well by the industry.

I was a bit nervous about testing, as I have no experience in front of the camera. For this reason, both agents and Glenn, recommended I work with Thomas Fahey. He’s been around forever and is great at making new models feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I gave myself two weeks to get ready for my shoot. You want to make sure you look and feel your best. If you are in shape, 2 weeks gives you plenty of time to fine tune our body and take care of all grooming. A few tips.. don’t drink alcohol and limit your salt intake during this time. Especially the 3 days before you shoot. I have fairly good skin, but broke out a week before the shoot. Don’t worry if you have a few blemishes.. they can be covered up.. and your photos can have some slight re-touching.

Some other things I did to prepare was google literally everything modeling related. I watched youtube videos on posing and studied every model in every magazine. This was a bit overkill as none of it makes any sense until you are actually in front of the camera. I recommend practicing 2-3 poses in the mirror that you can really nail, and just leave the rest up to you and the photographer to figure out the day of shooting.


I met up with Tom and his stylist Mara late morning. I got plenty of sleep the night before, and woke up early to give myself time to get rid of the dreadful bags I start every morning off with. I also did a light workout and face mask to look awake and fresh. With a quick introduction we got right to work picking out outfits. We planned to do 4 looks. Casual Lifestyle, High Fashion, Beauty, and Swim wear. Arrive prepared with your model bag. General rule of thumb, it’s better to have too much than too little, but not overkill.

The shoot went great! I didn’t know what to do but was assured that I wasn’t doing anything wrong.  Some tips I picked up… keep your chin down unless instructed otherwise, always let your fingers be delicate. If you are supporting your weight on something, do so lightly. Be as relaxed as you can be and if you are having trouble think about the things that make you most happy… believe it or not, the camera will pick up on this. Flirt with the camera and don’t always look directly at the camera.


When I got my pictures, I made a couple phone calls to the agencies I had met with to let them know I finished testing and wanted to bring in my contact sheets. I met with Click Models first and liked the agency right away. They were incredibly friendly and offered me a contract on the spot. Click is not only one of the top modeling agencies in Atlanta, they have a great talent division with JPervis. Needless to say, I am very excited to be represented by Click!

Be prepared, your start up costs do not end with your pictures. Next you will have to order comp cards and make large prints for your portfolio. As a model your portfolio is your marketing tool. You will continue to update this with new pictures and tears from shoots. It’s not a cheap process, but it is an important investment every model needs to make. On occasion, you will be able to find a photographer that is willing to give you a deal if they are working on their own portfolio or website.  However, if possible, stick to the photographers that are suggested, to ensure professionalism.

WARNING: this industry is overwhelmed with scam artists and predators waiting on the next naive person, wanting to be the next super model, to rip off.  ONLY use reputable agencies to get counseling on how or if to proceed with your endeavors.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!


That same week, Mara (stylist) told me about a casting for a job she was working on. They were looking for male and female models so I brought Glenn along. Thank goodness, because I was really nervous. We showed up and were instructed to wait in a hallway with about 10 other models. We waited about 30 minutes, enough time to get my nerves going. When it was my turn, I was briefly introduced to the client, then took a head shot and body shot with the photographer. I just pretended I was testing with Tom again and did as the photographer said. Look at him, no smile.. “CLICK.” And that was that.. my first casting.  A casting is just like any other interview. First impressions matter the most, but you want to leave on a good note as well, so don’t forget to thank them for their time.

I found out a week later that I booked the job!

So here I am on my way to becoming a successful model.

I hope my advice will help you along your way.

Remember to always stay true to yourself and BE YOU!

Good Luck!

- Madeleine

Click Models and Talent has joined forces with J Pervis Model & Talent to offer a full service, experienced agency for talent representation.  Modeltest talked recently with Booking Agent Jayme Pervis.

Q  1)Tell us a bit about J Pervis Models and Talent

A Jayme Pervis:   J Pervis Talent is now located in Atlanta off Auburn Avenue. We love
our new location and how central it is to everything. This truly has been
the best move for us!
We at J Pervis Talent work 100 % as a team. Everyone assists on every job.
There is always a “for-person” but we all help each other on jobs daily.
The “about” info on J Pervis Talent is on our web page….everyone must
visit our website to find out the juicy details!

Q  2) What changes are people likely to see that have been familiar with Click Models?  What goals have the new business set?

JP: Changes….Organization! We all love to have every T crossed and every I
dotted. It helps the Models better their career and it helps us keep
everything together. Our phones ring off the hook and people are in and out
of the office daily. It is imperative to our sanity! There will be many
other changes, as Click will be working with a new set of AMAZING booking
agents (if I do say so myself). Great personalities and energy are running
the ship now! Our Goals for Atlanta is to get Click & J Pervis Talent as the
biggest powerhouse in the Southeast and to be nationally recognized across
the country. Wow, we have so many more goals…but I might bore you if I
keep going on and on.

Q 3) for new talent seeking representation, tell us what you look for :

JP:  Children: We start at age 3 and go up through 12 for kids. We are looking
for kids that have that “sparkle” and energy about them that draws you in.
Acting Experience is a plus, but not required at this age
Commercial: All ages 3 through the elderly. Personality Personality
Personality! 80 % of commercial is all about who YOU are as a person.
Technique and skills are the other 20 % .
Fashion: Women: 5’9 Men: 5’11.

4) How do models/talent go about interviewing for possible representation?

JP: I love to see personality! I like to get to know the person just as
much as see their skills in an interview. It is so important to be yourself
and to not act like it is a job interview. After that it is up to the agency
what they want you to do next. For Actors/Actresses we have them prepare and
monologue and cold read. I would tell you what I look for, but I cannot give
away alllllll my secrets!

5) What are some typical photo/video work models can possibly get in the Atlanta area?

JP:this list could get excessive, so I
will just list some jobs we have booked in the last few weeks:
Mini Coop
Georgia Lottery
Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns
Glory Foods
Carey Paul Honda
Vampire Diaries
Mary Kay
My Manny
Cartoon Network
Family Life
My Parents, My Sister, & Me

6) What kind of work can models possibly get nationally, and internationally?

JP: Navo Rapid
Coca Cola
Mary Kay
Saks Fifth Avenue
…..the list goes on and on and on and on.

7) What is your advice for a new model as to how to prepare for an interview with a potential  new agency?

JP:PERSONALITY. Show us you are someone we would want to be around on set!
Dress casual. We want to see you every day. Minimal make up for the ladies.
We will ask you to do you walk, so be ready for it! Have your portfolio
ready. If you haven’t had a test shoot before, I recommend going ahead and
getting one, save us from asking you to do it. We can recommend some GREAT

8 )  What is the current film work like for talent booked out of Atlanta, as extras and otherwise?  How, if at all, do you see this changing for the future?

JP: SUPER BUSY!!! We have had films non-stop since the tax incentive was
passed for the state of Georgia last year. There is a great organization
that can keep anyone in the business informed. I recommend it to any one
looking to get into the acting side of the business. Georgia Production
Partners, aka GPP. Members are able to hear of what’s coming before it even
begins. We want to keep our market busy like it has been so training is SO
important for Actors. We want to stay competitive with the New York and LA
markets. There is NO excuse for not staying in consistent training.

9) What are the marketing materials that talent/ models need, and how do they get them?

JP: Headshots & Comp Cards: Must be with a professional INDUSTRY photographer.
Once the pictures have been made the agent will chose what they want on your
card. THEN everything is mass produced so we can send out alllllll the time!
Also, there are websites to get on. For Click we use a site called For J Pervis Talent we use several….Actors Access, 800
Casting, & Now Casting. The business is ever changing and new demands come
up frequently, so whatever we have to get on to help market our models &
talent we do it!! We want to offer our clients every opportunity possible.

10) Last thoughts…

JP: Remember that and agent model/talent relationship is a MARRIAGE!!!! It is a
team effort. Except the model/talent gets a LOT more of the money then the
agent does. Ha! It takes just as much effort for the model/talent as it does
from the agent. You cannot sick back and say “I got an agent so I am good”,
no you have to hit the streets just like we do. You don’t see us sitting
back waiting on the jobs, so neither should you!!!!

I work a lot with Bree (15 years old) in Dallas Texas.  I have always been very impressed with her professionalism and maturity.  She is one of the best models I’ve worked with- she really lights up in front of the camera.  In addition, she is a rare beauty with a practical sense for saving her money (and not blowing it!).

Q Tell us how you got into modeling, what age and what type of work
you did as a beginner.

A. Well I really don’t remember, I have been in this business since I was about 4 months old. Im 15 now. So its been awhile. Ive always worked with JC Pennys, i worked with Dillard’s, AFFES, Belks, Famous Footwear, Varsity Cheer, and more. Did some commercials for Apple Bees and a whole bunch for Hasbro.

Q Tell us about agencies, the one you started with, and about your
current one. Also, do you have agencies outside of Texas?

A. I have grown with my agency. I have been with The Campbell Agency since I started. They are amazing people. They treat you like family, and never forget a face or name. No I’m not with another agency. One is enough right now and when I think  the time comes, that’s when I will look for another agency to join, only if my agency doesn’t mind.

Q Do you have a special relationship with your booker? What advice
can you give to young models about finding a good agent/ booker?

A. Well I mean I think Im one of the youngest models in my division which is kinda cool.  They treat me like their baby.  So when I do come in there extra nice. But they treat all there models with the same respect and everything – no one gets treated differently. :) we’re one big happy family.

Q What type of work are you booked more now? How often do you work
as a model?

A. Wow!  Umm I work ALOT with JC Penny.  I’m always working and I love it.  They call and im for sure there.

Q What do you do to keep your portfolio current with new work?

A. Well yeah there are two that I would absolutely love to work with, to put some more pictures in my book. 1. Jeremy Shelby— Im soon to work with him for my Portfolio and i think that will go great. 2. Thomas Fahey— I have worked with him a couple of times with Varsity Cheer and would love to do some fun test shots. We have had tons of fun together.

Q Do you have favorite photographers that you like to work with?

A: No, I love all the photographers I work with, they are all super fun.

Q What advice do you have for really young girls who want to start out modeling?

A. Other then HAVE FUN, I would have to say don’t give up on something you love or want to become. If you think that your not good enough, still take that extra jump and work hard at it. Just never ever GIVE UP!

Q What do your friends think when they see photos of you published in
magazines and newspapers?

A. My friends think its amazing that they get to see that. I take them to some of my photo shoots and they have a ball. I love that I have such great friends to support me.